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I Am Not Your Negro by James Baldwin

I Am Not your Negro


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Date Read Sep 30, 2018


ISBN 9780525434696

Pages 144

This little book was an attempt from Raoul Peck to gather different writings and interviews by James Baldwin, including his unfinished manuscript for “Remember This House”. Baldwin wanted to write about his three friends Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X and Medgar Evers and the story of their fight against racial discrimination in America.

Raoul Peck created a documentary – which this book was a companion for – in which he attempted to tell the story Baldwin was never able to finish. The story about race in America, and the fight for equality through the lives of these remarkable men.

Although a small book, it is, nevertheless, a very important one to read! Baldwin’s beautiful language makes one feel the pain, the challenges and the disappointments of the black community in America! He shows their voices, thoughts, dreams and struggles in their pursuit of the American Dream. Sadly, Baldwin’s commentary on different aspects of life in America – Education, Movies, Opportunities… etc. – from the perspectives of the African-American community STILL hold true today.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, if “enjoyed” is the right word to use here. I only wish he would’ve finished his book. But the way Peck collected these different fragments of Baldwin’s thoughts and feelings was absolute perfection. After reading this, I felt he succeeded in giving us a glimpse of what Baldwin wanted to say.