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Star Wars: Darth Vader - Dark Lord of the Sith, Vol. 3: The Burning Seas by Charles Soule

Star Wars: Darth Vader – Dark Lord of the Sith, Vol. 3: The Burning Seas


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Date Read Jun 5, 2023


ISBN 9781302910563

Pages 176

The Burning Seas takes readers on another thrilling adventure with the iconic Sith Lord, delving deeper into Darth Vader’s journey as he cements his place within the Empire. This volume offers a captivating narrative and visually stunning artwork.

Picking up from the events of the previous volumes, “The Burning Seas” follows Darth Vader as he continues his quest for power, facing new challenges and adversaries along the way.

The character development in “The Burning Seas” is notable. Soule delves into Vader’s internal struggles, exploring his emotional journey and the ongoing battle between his past as Anakin Skywalker and his present as Darth Vader. The exploration of Vader’s mindset and motivations adds layers of complexity to the character, making him more relatable and intriguing.

The interactions between Vader and other characters, both familiar and new, are handled with finesse. The dynamics between Vader and Tarkin, for example, provide a compelling conflict and power struggle between the two characters as they have a glorious stand-off.

I really enjoyed the action sequences in this volume, they are exhilarating and expertly illustrated. The plot itself included so much in this volume to tie-in with the larger Star Wars universe. Such as the first imperial war on Mon Calamari, which was incredibly action-packed. And the little integrated hints about project “Stardust” and Erso’s backstory. Absolutely loved this volume.