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Star Wars: Darth Vader - Dark Lord of the Sith, Vol. 1: Imperial Machine by Charles Soule

Star Wars: Darth Vader – Dark Lord of the Sith, Vol. 1: Imperial Machine


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Date Read Jun 5, 2023


ISBN 9781302907440

Pages 154

This first volume focuses on the iconic character of Darth Vader, delving into his journey immediately after the events of “Revenge of the Sith” and exploring his transformation into the menacing figure we know from the original trilogy.

The story takes place in the early days of the Empire as Darth Vader tries to establish his place within the hierarchy of this newly formed Empire. The narrative beautifully captures the essence of the character, showcasing his struggle with the remnants of Anakin Skywalker while fully embracing his new identity as a Sith Lord. It explores his complex emotions, internal conflicts, and his quest for power and control. The story also mainly focuses on how Vader got his Sith lightsaber, which was just an immense addition to the Star Wars lore.

The artwork is stunning and brings the Star Wars universe to life on the pages. The attention to detail and the depiction of familiar characters and settings are visually captivating, immersing readers in the galaxy far, far away.

One of the standout aspects of this volume is the exploration of the relationship between Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine. Their dynamic is portrayed with depth and complexity, revealing the intricate power play between the two Sith Lords. It sheds light on the master and apprentice dynamic and offers intriguing insights into their motivations.

While “Imperial Machine” primarily focuses on Darth Vader, it also includes appearances by other familiar faces from the Star Wars universe, such as the Emperor, Tarkin, and the Inquisitors. These appearances add further layers of connectivity and enhance the overall narrative.

I thoroughly enjoyed this volume, as it offers a captivating exploration of Darth Vader’s early days as a Sith Lord, providing a deeper understanding of the iconic character. With its strong storytelling, stunning artwork, and rich Star Wars lore, this volume is a must-read for fans of the franchise and lovers of the dark side.