Dear Ijeawele, or A Feminist Manifesto in Fifteen Suggestions



This was a great little book with 15 suggestions on how to raise a feminist child. Adichie writes a letter in response to her friend who asked “how can I raise my daughter to be a feminist”.

In this letter, Adichie manages to take grand and vague feminist ideas and give you examples of how to actually practice these ideas in your daily life. My favorite suggestion was probably “Teach her that if you criticize X in women but do not criticize X in men, then you do not have a problem with X, you have a problem with women.”

All in all, I definitely found great value in this tiny little “manifesto”, because of her great way of breaking down feminist ideas in such simple and easy-to-understand ways. This is definitely going to be a reference book when I talk to women about feminism.

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