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Lord of the Flies by William Golding

Lord of the Flies


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Date Read Apr 3, 2018


ISBN 9780143129400

Pages 307

This is my second time reading this masterful and thought-provoking novel. The story takes you on a haunting journey into the dark recesses of human nature. Set on a deserted tropical island, a group of British schoolboys find themselves marooned without adult supervision. Initially filled with hope and a semblance of civilization, their desperate struggle for survival gradually exposes the inherent flaws of humanity, leading to an unforgettable exploration of human nature and the thin line between civilization and savagery.

Our main character, Ralph, emerges as a symbol of democracy and order, attempting to establish a system of rules and organization among the boys. On the other hand, Jack, embodies the dark forces of chaos and brutality, embracing a path of violence and dominance. As the story progresses, tensions mount, and the island becomes a stage for the primal battle between good and evil.

The novel’s brilliance lies in its exploration of the human psyche and how it reacts when stripped of societal constraints. As the boys’ fear of the unknown and the lurking “beast” intensifies, they begin to abandon the rules they once held dear. This unraveling of their selves culminates in the formation of a savage tribe under Jack’s leadership, revealing the dark side of human nature that hides beneath the surface.

“Lord of the Flies” is an absolute must-read as it is a powerful and timeless classic that transcends its status as a mere survival story.