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The Lottery by Shirley Jackson

The Lottery


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Date Read Oct 11, 2022


ISBN 9780241590539

Pages 240

My edition was the Little Clothbound Classics which had 13 short stories including the Lottery.

I just love Shirley Jackson! I’ve previously read the Haunting of Hill House and her eerie, haunting and at times shocking writing style is ever so present in this little collection.

Most of these stories had horror elements but some were just eerie little vignettes written in microscopic view of a few characters going about their day.

The Lottery certainly was the best one, with its seemingly ordinary beginning, and slowly but surely reaching its horrifying climax.

Jackson’s writing is often symbolic, discussing all sorts of ideas like relationships, society, culture, friendships, close-mindedness, death etc, but most of all women! I find that she often gives us a glimpse of what women go through in a patriarchal world, even when we see a woman’s character from the man’s perspective, it’s quite telling of Jackson’s intention of her story.

I also really enjoyed her style of self-dialogue, very accurately representing how people think and argue with themselves over the tiny details as they go about their day.

I highly recommend this collection, especially if you’re into eerie and haunting stories without gore.