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Foundation by Isaac Asimov

Foundation 1: Foundation


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Date Read Dec 6, 2021


ISBN 9780553382570

Pages 244

Science-fiction unlike anything you’ve read before. This novel gave me everything I wanted from a futuristic space plot. And what a plot! It’s not your average “good vs. evil” book, because the level of sophisticated thought given to each character is unmatched in any sci-fi I’ve read before.

It’s got it all: futuristic plot, immersive world-building, a cast of characters, massive time jumps and of course, a front-row seat to the political powers at play.

Also, let’s make psychohistory a real thing please.

PS: I’ve since watched the Apple TV+ series inspired by Asimov’s novel, however other than the main idea of the plot, it’s a very different story but equally mesmerizing.